Sunday, June 27, 2010

Curtain Raiser

First things first: I'm unpublished. :-) That's just so that none of you go and look for anything I've written. ;-)

Anyway, my name's Dave and I'm a Writer-In-Training (this phrase was coined by me on Twitter during a particularly awesome Follow Friday) living in Pretoria, South Africa, and I thought that it was about time that I started another (non-review, because starting a new review-blog when I already had one turned out to be a dumb idea) blog but used this one to focus on my writing.

So that's what I'll be doing here; talking about writing in general, my ups and downs, wordcount-achievements,the odd funny account (hopefully there'll be plenty of those for pure entertainment-value) and just about anything else that connects to writing.

And then comes the answer to What Am I Writing:

I'm writing my first novel at the moment, an Epic Fantasy that I've been chipping away at (unsuccessfully, because for six years I was editing more than writing). I'm aiming for 120K (so that I can whittle it down to 95K-100K once I've finished it) and it'll probably be the first book in what I'm hoping will be a trilogy. At the rate I'm getting ideas, though, 3 might be the minimum number of books to expect. By the way, I've hit 30K and am getting started on my first big battle scene... Wish me luck!

On the back-burner I've also got an Urban Fantasy that I'm developing with a good friend of mine, Bennie Swarts; this UF will be totally and thoroughly set in South Africa and is probably the book that will see me published here. :-)

I've also got plenty of other ideas, including a SF epic and I'm also working on a trilogy of Star Wars novels that'll get me into the Expanded Universe once I've got 3 or 4 best sellers under my belt. ;-)

Anyway, more about me: I'm a bookseller at one of Exclusive Books' Pretoria branches, I'm a huge Star Wars fan, am a massive reader, play some guitar, collect comics, am a Brandy-drinker (because I quickly become drunk while drinking anything else) and am an all-round SFF fanatic. Everything else about me will probably become apparent in further posts. ;-)

Anyway, later folks!


  1. Haha! Isn't that better than 140 characters? Looks like you have a ton of plans...! Onward!

  2. Best wishes on your writing, Dave! I am finishing my sci-fi novel Channel Zilch this week and starting the agent hunt. I just got a story published in the anthology Eight Against Reality: I've subscribed to your blog.

  3. Dave my cuzzie!
    Look forward to reading your work hun - am also dabbling as a wordsmith... mmmm... seems to run in the family?
    Love you madly and can't wait to see your name up in lights!

  4. @Joseph It certainly is - progress! ;-)

    @doug Holy hell, Doug, featured in an anthology with Aliette?! Awesome! Congrats on that, absolutely kickass! :-) Love the blurb for your short, definitely sounds like something to read with alcohol close at hand. ;-)

    @pam Thanks, Cuz! I'll be damned happy if this writing-thing runs in the family genes! :-) Love you madly, too, and looking forward to reading your stuff, send it along if you want, k? :-)