Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maps for Epic Fantasy

I'm a big fan of maps, especially in Epic Fantasy; not only does it really ground the story for me (those Geography classes way back, boring as they were, planted this particular seed) but it also helps me to make sure that I know exactly where my characters are and what they'll pass when I move them around. Sometimes maps aren't needed at all (I'm thinking of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind here) and sometimes they are most definitely needed (The Wheel of Time) but I tried my hand at them anyway.

I probably wont use these maps since I'm going to change many of them before I feel that they truly reflect the world my characters live in, and maybe they won't even be included in the novel, but anyway, I thought I'd give you a look at what I've done. :-)

Above is Arsarvis, my main continent - one of its iterations anyway; there was a meteorite impact ages ago that created the continent's weird shape - an impact-event that I've abandoned for now.

Above is Braeholm, the homeland of my non-human sentients; this, too, has basically been discarded, though I might return to this island in subsequent volumes.

This is Ramalka, another human-settled continent; when I drew this continent it was human-settled and was the original homeland of the humans (before colonising Arsarvis) and I might return here in future volumes, we'll see. :-)

This is Avidar, the main continent, where most of the story will take place. Yep, it's a bit empty, I know, but I'll be tweeking it plenty before settling on the final version. :-)

And now, back to the novel! Now that the main spectacle is done I'm tying up some other loose ends - this is where there are lots of smaller, more personal battles. :-)


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