Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breaking the Rules

Man, talk about a dry spell! :-( Since that massively productive 10K-3Day fever I had wayyy earlier this month, I haven't exactly managed to repeat the feat, but that's okay. I'm a firm believer in not forcing the writing - well, at least, that is, until I've got a deadline to meet. Until then, I'm taking my time on this and writing as and when my brain lets me. :-)

I finished Chapter 12 earlier (not Chapter 13 like I said on twitter, dumbass-moment there) and I'm really happy. It's a short chapter (not the shortest, but not as long as some of the others, either) and it's a very important chapter. Monumentally so, in fact. You see, this is where I start breaking the rules.

Now, you could describe me (those who know me, at least) as the kind of reader who likes it when things happen a bit differently than they're supposed to. I like being surprised, challenged. And we live in an era in publishing where the same old shit just doesn't work any more - you write a book about a farm boy discovering he's actually the king's bastard son and he can do magic and wield a sword without any actual training and see how far you get. ;-)

So, what have I done to break the rules? Well, I'm not going to spoil it for you now (I want you to one day actually read this novel, you see), but suffice it to say that I'm taking a MASSIVE chance that might just see me become the laughing stock off SFF writers everywhere, but in my defence, I'm not taking the chance just because it's there - this risks I'm taking are a part of the plot, and integral to the series as a whole. I think it could be pretty awesome (provided I don't run away into an asylum with them) and I hope I can pull it off well enough that my readers will one day agree. :-) There are only 3 people who actually know what I'm doing in the Epic Fantasy novel, and for the time being, that's how it's gonna stay.

But I am taking a risk - no doubt about it. :-)

Current novel wordcount: 53410
Wordcount for the evening: 907

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