Saturday, September 18, 2010

Writer's Quirks

I'm one of those writers who needs music playing while I write. Well, I guess I don't really need the music, but I write so much better when there is something other than normal 'life-sounds' filling the air. The music has to be devoid of lyrics, too - if there's a chorus that's not a problem, but no actual words - I usually get thrown out of the writing when I hear actual words in music, so the instrumental or classical-type stuff works for me, such as soundtracks.

At the moment my 'Writing Music' playlist consists of the following:

The soundtrack of the movie, Moon, by Clint Mansell; this music is really subtle and layered and works well for just about any scene that I'm writing.

Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to Inception; one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while - powerful and subtle at the same time, and every time the playlist reaches 'Mombasa' I seem to pick up speed, too. :-)

Atticus Ross' soundtrack to The Book of Eli - intense and startling, really cool for a scene that needs layering and intense character-interaction;

28 Days Later's soundtrack - lots of different kinds of sounds going on here though I have to admit that I do skip the songs with vocals / lyrics in them.

Thomas Newman's soundtrack to Revolutionary Road - when I've got a really intense, emotional scene to write this is what I put on - beautiful stuff!

Corner Stone Cues - absolutely love these guys! The tracks are short but powerful, and many times I've had a scene jump into my head, like a snapshot of an epic event, because of this music.

The soundtrack of JJ Abrams' Star Trek - really dig this because it doesn't rely too heavily on the Star Trek theme that everyone knows, so jarring and sudden mental transfers from Epic Fantasy to Star Trek here. :-)

The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks - fun, fast, furious and epic, love these!

Gladiator's soundtrack - haven't heard much of it yet (and I saw the movie long ago) but what i have heard I've loved.

Braveheart's soundtrack - same here.

Kemper Norton's First Season - incredible stuff! I was really listening to it for the first time about 40 minutes ago and had to stop writing just to experience the music; have a listen for yourself - I haven't heard anything quite like this before.

There we go, that's what I use to aurally enhance myself while writing. :-)

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