Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Wheel of Time will be the death of me... (that, and snake-attacks!)

I was walking home earlier, and was in-sight of the house. The day had been cool and it was still a bit overcast. Usually I would be sweating something terrible but there was a cool, wind, too. I was listening to the audio book of Towers of Midnight -had just returned to Perrin, still early in the book- and I was a house away from the end of the block and the STOP street; all I would need to do was cross the road and I'd be home.

I remember that I was looking down, in thought or something, when I heard a clatter and saw dried-out palm fronds skid across the tar from my right - some bouncing off my sneakers, some not. I turned and looked behind me and saw that an orangey straight stick, quite long, at least as long as my arm, was literally streaking toward me. It struck my shoe and I turned fully to get a better look at it, thinking that some kids were playing a game and had knocked a ball or something into garden, dislodging garden debris. That's when I felt the stick tug at my shoe.

That's also when I saw the stick was, in fact, a snake, and that it was attacking me. It darted at me again, struck my shoe again. My brain finally decided to send the signals to react, thank goodness.

I've always joked about how cartoon characters run - either their lower or upper bodies are extended too far ahead - and that's what I must have looked like. I swore, "JESUS!" and kicked out. I felt the snake's body whip across my calves and outward but I was already kicking out again; when I came down the second time I was running. I don't know how many meters I covered but when I felt I was far enough away I turned around looked to see if it was following me.

It wasn't. It just lay there in the road. Completely still. And I couldn't take my eyes off it. I realized I was breathing very hard and very fast and that I had kept on swearing. I took another couple of steps away, had the presence of mind to watch out for cars, and reached the end of the block. When I looked back it was moving across the road. When I looked back again (still watching for cars) it was gone.

I still can't believe how incredibly fast that attack was. I'm sure that it went at me twice but I think it struck three times - and each time it hit the thick rubber soles of my sneakers. I've checked them for marks, checked my foot, and haven't noticed anything. No marks, no broken skin, nada. So I'm probably safe.

I have no idea what kind of snake it was - I honestly wasn't going to get closer to have a look. The dude obviously didn't like me.

But damn, it was fucking fast.


  1. Jesus H. Christ!!! The Wheel of Time can really be deadly, then!!! Glad to know you weren't harmed.

  2. That would give me nightmares for months, seriously.
    Glad you are ok!

  3. Thanks, Fabio, Sunny, very happy I'm okay! :-) It's one thing seeing a snake strike on National Geographic - it's hectic realizing it's striking you! But I'm okay, so no harm done. :-)