Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X Mas and Happy Holidays!

So, it's Christmas Eve and writers everywhere are hopefully surfacing from WIPs and realizing that oh-my-goodness-the-whole-freaking-family's-here! ;-)

I just wanted to wish you all an awesomely wonderful Christmas for tomorrow and that I hope you all stay safe and warm (or cool, if you need and air-con). :-)

Let's also cheers all the struggling writers out there! :-)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crumbling Ruins

So, after a long while away, I'm back with a new post. ;-)

Anyway, writing on the WIP has slowed down quite a bit - between work (and I work in retail, so this time of the year is insane, to put it lightly), the review-blog, reading and trying to deal with a lot of crap (not going there, but it's taking its toll) I have been struggling to focus. I'm hovering under 80K now, which is still progress, and I can't complain, but there's just no way I'll have the WIP done by January. So, there I fail at my first self-appointed deadline. Anyway, moving on.

Early this week (pretty sure it was Monday, but to be honest, I've been struggling to remember what day of the week it is) we were chatting on Twitter ('we' being Craig Smith, Jani Grey, Lood Du Plessis and myself) and a conversation about Craig coming up to Pretoria morphed into a story idea, which we are all now collaborating on. :-)

I don't want to give you guys any details (partly because I would spoil it, and partly because you all would think we've been smoking something illegal), but we're each writing chapters and then sending it along the chain. Lood kicked it off with an awesome chapter that really set the stage and the tone, Jani followed with some excellent humour and hints at a greater plan, I continued with a chapter that got the characters out of a port-a-potty (I kidd you not), and Craig followed with some definite movement forward. :-) What's so cool about this side-project is that none of us really have a clue where we're going with it - we're feeding off each other's ideas and characters, so the process is very changeable and surprising. I'm really enjoying it and it's definitely getting me to think on-the-fly; there's no over-arching plot-plan I'm working to, because I just don't know what the guy (or girl) after me will be getting up to, so it's keeping me on my toes. :-)

Anyway, this is just a fun thing we're doing, so don't expect to ever see it! (You might die of cringing too much - I'm sure there's a medical term for that kind of death...) :-)

Anyway, thanks for coming back after such a long time of having nothing from me. :-) Onwards and upwards, huh? ;-)