Monday, February 14, 2011

Revisions and Realizations

Yep, I've been revising and editing, revising editing, for a while now. I'm not sick of the novel just yet, but I am getting there. :) Revising is awesome, though!

I've written a completely new first chapter, have taken out a battle that was an absolute pain and didn't actually do anything -well, not in terms of the body count, nor the explanation for the battle- I've introduced a new female character (the religious leader in the world I've created), and now I'm re-introducing the non-human character.

I've also realized -and it was one of those "Aw FUCK" moments- that my novel is nowhere near to being good enough to submit. So I won't be submitting it to Angry Robot Books in March.

I've been reading plenty of excellent fiction, lately, (The Mall by SL Grey, Shadow's Son by Jon Sprunk, The Emerald Storm by Michael Sullivan) and I've resigned myself to understanding that I haven't done enough to actually make the story, the world and the characters, really come alive.

My characters need only small tweaks here and there, and that won't be a problem. The world, though... Suffice it to say that it's a bit empty. There's a lot more detail that I have to put in, ranging from everything to days of the week, army ranks and composition, calendars, etc. etc. etc.

And earlier today, while I was agonizing over how to replace the battle with something not as big but as useful, I started getting another avalanche of ideas. Basically, I figured out what needs to be changed (i.e. rewritten completely)so that the story has that extra spice that will go a longer way to making it something worth submitting. As things stand now, I'll just be embarrassing myself.

So I'm going to push ahead with the revisions and edits and complete the 3rd draft. Once I'm done with that I'm going to start writing the Urban Fantasy that's been floating in my head for years. I think a break from writing Epic Fantasy will do me good.

I'm slightly (fuck that, make it hectically) pissed off with myself - I probably wouldn't have gotten these ideas if I had given enough thought to the story before I started actually writing the book. But I'm glad it happened now - realizing that the novel needed plenty more work after I'd sent it off would have been extremely painful! :(

Anyway, hoping you're all good!


  1. I know the feeling well. It's exactly what happened with my first novel. It's still sitting on my table, waiting to be fixed.

    But think how awesome it's going to be starting something new. I think you'll get the UF written faster now that the first novel is out of the way.

  2. I think so, too - Really looking forward to writing the UF - Pretoria (and SA) will never be the same again! *evil grin*

  3. Three drafts? Three?

    You DO NOT want to know how many revisions I do. Not at all.


    I know maybe one writer who can get away with so few drafts, and she's like a girl genius or something.

    UF in Pretoria/Joburg is awesome. Ages ago I wrote one, it even featured good old Zeps and Red Room (this was back in the day). Fun times.

    Good luck with the revising.

  4. Hehehe Cat, if I end up doing more than 5 drafts for this novel I'll print it out just to burn the damned thing! :)

    Yep, Zeps rocks, and as a setting could be *awesome* - actually starting off the book in a similar setting... :)