Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conflicts of Meaning

So, took me a couple of days but I finally finished Chapter Four and titled it Conflicts of Meaning.

I decided (when I began with the re-write of Betrayal’s Shadow) that I would give the chapters their own titles because I figured that it would help me to –at a glance- remember the themes of the chapters so that I could remain aware of the themes in the novel as I write it, and so far it’s been a good decision. I think I spent about five minutes wondering about Chapter Four’s title, instead of the almost three years I worried about the title for the novel. :-)

And why Conflicts of Meaning? Well, this turned out to be quite a profound chapter for me and for one of my main protagonists - I was writing a piece of dialogue when it hit me, and as it hit me, it hit him. Left me a bit stunned afterward, I can tell you. But it served to practically crystalize what the chapter –and, indeed, the entire novel- is also about. I’m rather pleased with myself at the moment but only time will tell if it survives further drafts and edits. ;-)

Now, though, my writing-pace should pick up – the next chapter kicks off the build-up to one of the all-out-action scenes in the novel, and is also a turning point for one of my other protagonists, so that’ll be fun. J
As always, I’ll keep the updates coming. As it stands now, Betrayal’s Shadow is just over the 25k mark and I’ll give myself a couple of days’ break and move onto my second editing-pass on the short story I submitted for the AfroSF anthology (edited by Ivor Hartmann); I’m just about done with it but there are some things I need to finalize and change, which I want to be done with before Friday – then I’ll send it off, and hopefully get a favourable reaction. :-)

Until then,

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