Monday, August 20, 2012

J. Robert King & Devlin Chase Comment on Twisted!

Twisted has been live on Phantasmagorium's Weekly Offering-page for three days now and I've had some great comments on the story, most from friends, some from family, and some from fellow writers still writing and un-published. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive and I couldn't be more pleased -

- but -

Two opinions have done enough to send me through the stratosphere - above and beyond the comments that Edward Morris had about Twisted. :-)

One of the comments on the story came from J. Robert King, author of over twenty novels including the two awesome titles from Angry Robot Books, Angel of Death and Death's Disciples. Rob is an amazing writer and storyteller and I was so surprised that he took the time to read Twisted - after all, it's not often that published writers read the work of unpublished writers! And to say I'm honoured by what Rob had to say about Twisted is an understatement!

"Great story! Terrific writing! I love the twisting of fairy tale tropes, the connections between these various stories, and this revenge plot emerging at the end. Well done, Dave!"

Rob wasn't the only author who commented on Twisted, though; Devlin Chase, arguably South Africa's only Paranormal Romance writer (with her The Vengeful Elements series), as well as a friend and fellow Bookseller, blew me away with what she had to say. :-)

"Nice one, Dave. Very atmospheric. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

I couldn't be more pleased - two published authors commenting on my first-ever publicly available story. :-) But I would love even more opinions on the piece, so please head over to Phantasmagorium's Weekly Offering-page and give yourself ten minutes to read my twisted little tale. :-) It'll go off the site sometime on Thursday the 30th of August, so there's still time to read it. :-)

I've got more incoming - after all, the tale only begins with Twisted... ;-)


Friday, August 17, 2012

If You Go Into My Forest Today....

If you head on over to Phantasmagorium’s Story of the Week Page, you can read my Fragmented Fairy Tale, Twisted – it’s live on the site now and will be available for a week. :-)

Please head over and give it a read – it’s a short, vicious little thing that will hopefully raise your eyebrows and shake your head, and I want to thank Michael Venter, without whom this tale would never have existed. :-) Thanks, Michael! :-) 

Hope you all enjoy Twisted – if you do, I’ve got a couple of more similar tales brewing… ;-)

P.S. Thanks musty go and are given whole-heartedly to Edward Morris - thank you, Sir, for taking a chance on a South African writer, You rock, Sir!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ready to get Twisted?

I'm proud (very, ecstatic, in fact!) to announce that my Fragmented Fairy Tale, Twisted, will be appearing as a Story of the Week over at Phantasmagorium in just over two weeks. :-)

Twisted for born when an ex-colleague of mine asked me to write a short story to the 'Twisted Fairy Tales' theme - he wanted to print it out and give it to friends to read at his Birthday Party. I ended up writing the story the day before the party (or two days, it was two years ago so the details are a bit fuzzy) and he was very impressed with it. So was I, to be honest - I had never tried something like it before, I hadn't planned anything plot- or character-wise, though the opening scene drew it all out of me. Since then I've had ideas for sequel-stories, so I guess you should prepare yourselves for some seriously weird, freaky, horrific and fucked up re-imagined fairy tales. :-)

I've got ideas for Jack and Jill, The Emperor (and his Clothes), and a couple of others, so hopefully Twisted will be well-received and I'll be able to bring you those tales, too.

Right now, over at Phantasmagorioum, you can read TJ McIntyre's Castaway- I'm going to read it now, and judging by some of the comments I've read Castaway seems to be an awesome tale. :-)

A massive and heartfelt thanks to Edward Morris for this opportunity! I'm very pleased and damned proud, and I hope you'll all enjoy the twisted little tale. :-) I'll definitely post links and what-not on the day it goes live at Phantasmagorium. :-)

Until next time,