Friday, August 3, 2012

Ready to get Twisted?

I'm proud (very, ecstatic, in fact!) to announce that my Fragmented Fairy Tale, Twisted, will be appearing as a Story of the Week over at Phantasmagorium in just over two weeks. :-)

Twisted for born when an ex-colleague of mine asked me to write a short story to the 'Twisted Fairy Tales' theme - he wanted to print it out and give it to friends to read at his Birthday Party. I ended up writing the story the day before the party (or two days, it was two years ago so the details are a bit fuzzy) and he was very impressed with it. So was I, to be honest - I had never tried something like it before, I hadn't planned anything plot- or character-wise, though the opening scene drew it all out of me. Since then I've had ideas for sequel-stories, so I guess you should prepare yourselves for some seriously weird, freaky, horrific and fucked up re-imagined fairy tales. :-)

I've got ideas for Jack and Jill, The Emperor (and his Clothes), and a couple of others, so hopefully Twisted will be well-received and I'll be able to bring you those tales, too.

Right now, over at Phantasmagorioum, you can read TJ McIntyre's Castaway- I'm going to read it now, and judging by some of the comments I've read Castaway seems to be an awesome tale. :-)

A massive and heartfelt thanks to Edward Morris for this opportunity! I'm very pleased and damned proud, and I hope you'll all enjoy the twisted little tale. :-) I'll definitely post links and what-not on the day it goes live at Phantasmagorium. :-)

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