Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buy eFantasy and read Twisted!

So, the day has finally arrived - my first-ever short story, published! :-)

This is the awesome cover of eFantasy's October Issue - the Dark Fiction Special which features my story, Twisted - the first in a series. :-)

But that's not the only cool thing about the Dark Fiction Special - you can also read 5 other short stories:

The Seven by Benjamin Wertz
The Call of Leviathan by Christopher Hivner
Eye of Crow, Mouth of Crom by Alison Carter
The Sisters of the Serpent Christ by Daniel Gonzales
Suicide Station by Jude Lovell

and some poetry, Birth Pangs by W.C. Morrow,

as well as a review (by Angela Meadon, Managing Editor of eFantasy) of Tim Lebbon's Echo City - a book I'm looking forward to myself. :-) Angela also interviews Tim in this issue!

Please, please, please go buy you copies of this Dark Fantasy Special over at the eFantasy Store! I'm really looking forward to share Twisted with the world again, and I'd love to hear your opinions of it because I had so much fun writing it that I'll be writing more stories (a series, if all goes well) that explores the characters and the world more deeply. :-)

I have to thank four people for today - not only have to, but want to, because without these people Twisted would never have appeared, and in one case, wouldn't even have been written.

The first person is Michael Daniel Venter - Michael and I worked together at Exclusive Books a couple of years ago and one particular day he asked me to write a story about twisted fairy tales - he wanted to have a twisted-fairy-tales-themed party and thought having something for the guests to read that tied into the party would be cool. So he asked me to write a story - and Twisted was born. :-)

The next person that deserves my thanks and your support (in terms of readership) is Edward Morris - awesome guy, brilliant writer, and editor of Gorgon Press' Phantasmagorium - he gave Twisted a chance and put it up on the Weekly Offerings page, which led to one of my favourite writers, J. Robert King, reading Twisted and digging it. :-)

Stephen Zimmer also rocks, because not only is he an excellent example of a human being but he's also a great writer and champion of SFF, and I might never have heard of Angela or eFantasy if it wasn't for his introduction, so thank you, Stephen, you rock!

And last but not least, thank you to Angela Meadon herself - without her you wouldn't have the opportunity to read Twisted now. :-) And, perhaps-maybe-I-hope-it'll-be-accepted, the next part in the tale, Torn. ;-)

So, thank you! You guys all rock! :-) This is a day that I'll never forget - my career as an author has officially begun! :-)

Here's the link to purchase eFantasy's Dark Fiction Special again in case you missed it - well, of course you didn't, but maybe you want to click it again anyway to -you know- buy another copy, and then more, for your friends? ;-)

Be EPIC and Happy Reading! :-)

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