Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twisted Officially SOLD to eFantasy eZine!

Very, very pleased and proud to share this news with you - Angela Meadon has chosen to include 'Twisted' in eFantasy's Dark Fantasy Month! :-D That means that Twisted is officially the *first* short story I've SOLD! :-) Over-the-bloody-MOON, skipping and jumping and twitching like a little boy, I can tell you! (and there are witnesses who can confirm this...) :-)

eFantasy will be publishing the Dark Fantasy Special to coincide with Halloween and all stories must be submitted before the 5th of October to be considered. You can get all the submissions-information you need at the eFantasy Submissions Page; and eFantasy is also on Facebook, which means regular-as-clockwork updates. :-)

Very, VERY proud to be associated with these guys - the second issue of eFantasy will be out soon, so make sure you head over and subscribe, and join up for the newsletter, too. :-)

Here's the awesome cover for the September issue:

Oh, and if all goes well (meaning I keep up the quality that got 'Twisted' published), I'll have good news about 'Torn' sometime, too. :-)

Right, after work I'm celebrating. And sending out a massive CHEERS to everyone who had a hand in helping me reach this milestone - you know who you are and you all rock. :-)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Twisted and Torn

So, Twisted was (according to everyone who got in touch to let me know) a hit. :-)

Back when I wrote it (and believe it or not, Twisted was a one-sitting, one-draft story) I had no idea it would ever see more readers than my friends and work collegues, but to have two authors like it enough to let me know (and a third author who writes excellent SF, no less!)... Well, that's just beyond what I expected. I'm honoured and pleased and, to put it lightly, absolutely terrified!

For the past couple of weeks I've really been struggling to write - had a chat about this with my therapist (yep, I see one and she rocks) and we came to the understanding that I'm scared I won't be able to get results (not even the same results - I mean any result) from either Twisted's sequel or from Angel Song... I know it must be a constant writer-fear and damn, is it irritating!

Well, hopefully I've knocked that fear to the mat this time round - I finished Torn this afternoon and I have to say that I'm very happy with the tale - it's got a different feel to Torn, a different atmosphere that -I guess- is there because of the new characters I introduce, but I had so much fun writing it, and I've got some kickass and concrete ideas for the third tale, which I'm hoping to get started on this coming weekend.

But I guess the only thing for sure is this - the readers who read and liked Twisted want more, so I guess I gotta give 'em what they want, huh? ;-) Jokes aside, I want to give those readers more, and step by step, story by story, that's what's going to happen. :-)

I'm waiting on an official submission-success message which will see Twisted back out there around November, so as soon as I get that you'll all know. :-) I'll give Torn another pass or two before I submit it to the awesome Edward Morris at Phantasmagorium, and I'm hoping he'll dig it enough to give me another week on the Weekly Offering. :-)

Regarding Angel Song, I'm waiting on the contract. :-)

And regarding Betrayal's Shadow - this weekend will see me getting back to it. This story above all the others is one I want to be able to share with readers, and the only way that'll happen is if I knuckle down and get-it-the-fuck done. :-)

So, until my next update, I hope you've all been awesomely kickass!