Thursday, January 24, 2013

BIRTHDAY Published in Issue 2 of eSciFi!

That's right, folks - my first published story of 2013 is available to read and (hopefully) enjoy! :-)

BIRTHDAY is the fourth short story of mine that's been published and I'm really happy that Brandon at eSciFi chose it - I wrote it about three years ago after watching a movie that got my grey matter ticking and twisting, and it's gone through a couple of drafts to get it right.

I think I've said before that my ideas for short stories are usually fully-formed - most times the title pops into my find and the plot unrolls like a silent-movie reel; usually that means I have to get it out of my head and onto the page as quickly as possible, because I tend to screw up stories the longer I think about them. In BIRTHDAY I wanted to do something with the over-population, and so I wrote a tale about a guy who wakes up on his birthday in a world in which a way to manage over-population has been found, and implemented. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

Also included in this second issue were the following stories:

Wherever You Go, There We Are - Robin Reed

Not So Trivial After All - Marc Colten

The Budge - M. E. McCullen

Please head over to eSciFi and buy the issue - and while you're at it, why not get a subscription? :-) You can also join eSciFi on Goodreads (because we'd love to have you, and love talking about our stories and SF in general), and on Facebook. :-)

So, what's coming up next from me? Well, I've got a Horror story in the inaugural FreakEnd Madness Anthology, titled EXERTION, I've submitted a story titled A COMEDY OF TERRORS for Jhator Press' Dark Superhero / Villain Anthology, and I'm busy writing three stories at the moment:

The Hyper-Adaptive Properties of Love (SF)

Superfreak (Horror)

Tangled (sequel to Torn and Twisted, Fractured Fairy Tale)

I'm also going through my other Horror stories because I want to select one to submit to eHorror, but that's further down the line, and I'll (hopefully) be going on Leave in February, so then it's back to Betrayal's Shadow. :-) I will, of course, keep you all updated.

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