Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Story In-Coming!

So, 2013 has arrived.

My New Year's Eve party was epic, and an eye-opener; it was a night of drinking, laughing, dancing, and (unfortunately) witnessing just how too much alcohol can affect people who a) shouldn't drink at all because they can't handle alcohol, and b) people who have incredible and completely ignored problems - a guy I'd just met lost his temper, smashed his windscreen with his fist and soon after spun his girlfriend WWE-style into his car.

Later on, around seven on the morning of the 1st, we dropped off a friend at her parent's place and this same guy's car was there - minus the entire windscreen and sporting a mangled, practically half-melted rim where the back-left tire was supposed to be. Long story shortened, this guy had 'lost' his girlfriend, his buddy, and his girlfriend's sister - he had no idea where they were and was frantic. So frantic that he had passed out outside his buddy's place. Anyway. The party prior to all this shit was awesome, so the night was actually kickass. :-) All things considered, not a bad exit from 2012. :-)

I've got two stories I'm working on at the moment - the third tale in my fractured fairy tale series for eFantasy (want to have it done and submitted by Friday), and a tale for an awesome anthology from Jhator Press (which I also want to have finished and submitted by Friday).

And this morning I saw the news that one of my SF / Dystopian short stories, 'Birthday', was accepted for publication in eSci-Fi - so I'm very happy! :-) I will of course post links and info and stuff as soon as the latest eSci-Fi issue is available. :-)

Another story of mine, a Horror titled 'Exertion', will be published soon in FreakEnd Madness Volume 1 - links and such as soon as the anthology is available. :-)

So I guess I really cannot complain about 2013 so far. :-)

I hope you all enjoyed your 2012-exit, that you're all safe and sober and bright-eyed, and that this year will kick even more ass (in every good way) than last year did. :-) Let's make it EPIC!



  1. Wow. It's only just 2013 and it sounds like you've been busy. Well done.

    Happy New to you. You sound like you had a good one :)

  2. It was a good year - plenty of difficult with the good, but stuff I had to learn and go through, so I don't regret it. :-) The Eve was epic, really enjoyable, haven't had such a good time in a while! :-) And 'Birthday' was something I submitted last year so I was just waiting for the 'acceptance' e-mail. :-)

    Hope you had a good one, too! :-)