Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Afrikaans Drabble - Maan-Man #Glipsie

Hey  Everyone, hope you've all been well and that your writing has been going well! :-)

I haven't been writing much lately - either my mind's been too busy or not busy enough; I've put Betrayal's Shadow on the back burner for a bit and I've been reading a bit more (really enjoying John Gwynne's 'Malice' at the moment), After a Twitter-chat with Nerine Dorman, we decided that we were going to try something - write a very short story, no more or less than 100 words, called a 'glipsie', or a 'drabble'. :-)

Nerine has posted hers, check it out here - great little atmospheric piece. :-)

Here's mine, though before you get started, just a warning to those who would like to read it - it's in Afrikaans. :-)

Die maan se gesig is groot tussen duisende sterre, wit en starend soos die oog van ‘n vuil ou man.

Ek staan waar drie skaduwees ontmoet, die van ‘n lig paal, ‘n houd heining en ‘n telefoon hokkie met stukkende skrefies glas wat soos tande in die rame sit.

Hier kom sy; weet nie dat ek hier wag nie. Weet nie dat ek so honger is nie.

Soos Ma my gevoed het moet sy my nou voed.

Pienk strepies in haar blonde hare. Haar asem snik wanneer sy my skielik sien beweeg.

Bloed spat, en die pienk word stadig donkerder. 

This'll be a regular thing on the blog, so let's hope I can keep it up - as most of you know, Afrikaans isn't my first language. :-)

Until next time,

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