Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Boris the Butcher, Book 2, and 'A Song of Sacrifice'

Hey everyone, hope you've all been epic! I'm back with my just-what-the-hell-I've-been-up-to post... ;-)

First off, remember the first episode of the Toshiba Tablet Race which I posted last time? Well, the second episode is out - featuring Boris the Butcher, a ruthless and stylish Russian assassin, played by me! :-) Check out the episode below and let me know what you think. :-)

Next up, I've started writing Book 2 - the title of which I'll reveal after BETRAYAL'S SHADOW either has a cover or is released. ;-) 1K a day at the moment, so I'm easing into it, and I'm already deviating slightly from the plot-plan I've put together - thankfully so, because I managed to think up something much better. :-)

And I've also finished writing and submitted the longest short story I've 'penned' - so far. It's a companion-tale to the trilogy, and hopefully the first of three stories which will take readers into a different time and place and furnish more detail on events only mentioned in the novels, but which are actually significant. The story is titled A SONG OF SACRIFICE and what I can tell you so far is that my publisher is happy with it. :-) Look out for an official announcement regarding it soon (ish). ;-)

So, until my next update,