Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Toshiba Tablet Race - Episode One

Why am I posting about this? You'll have to watch it to find out. ;-)

In case you missed it, I was the dude in the black leather jacket and jeans, with the pony-tail - yes, it's real hair. ;-)

I'll let you all watch it and spread the news far and wide - not because I'm in it, but because it's such a cool project, as I'm sure you agree! :-) (Check out this post, too, for an article on the Race)

In my next post I'll go into details - the two days that I was 'on set', so look out for that. In the mean time you can head over to the Toshiba Tablet Race's website for more info, and don't forget to check out their Facebook Page. Spread the word far and wide, people - Episode Two is on it's way! :-)


Friday, November 1, 2013

My First Author-Event, Edits, and More

Hey everyone, hope the day's been treating you well so far. :-)

I've been busy-busy-busy with the first batch of edits for BETRAYAL'S SHADOW, and now that I've completed them and sent them back to my editor I've got a chance to catch up on some things, including this blog and the other writing projects I need to finish before I get stuck in with Book 2. :-)

The editing process was a revelation, and I truly feel sorry for authors that don't have editors to help them fix and focus their manuscripts. My editor, Marius Du Plessis, is damned good at his job - he understands what Speculative Fiction should and can do, and he's a reader, too; his insights into the manuscript made the novel so much better than it was! The editing served, too, to get me focused that much more on Book 2 (title-reveal coming up soon), so that I have a much better and detailed idea of what's coming. This dude rocks, and I'm so glad that I'm working with him. :-) Oh, just in case you're wondering, Marius is also the Publishing Director of Fox and Raven Publishing. ;-)

We'll be getting into the final fixes and edits for Book 1 starting with next week, and then it'll be time to finalize the maps and the all-important cover - updates here as they happen. :-)

Three weeks ago, perhaps longer (my bad) I participated in my first author event. :-) It was hosted and run by the awesome Mandi Friedman at her beautiful venue, Indulgence Cafe, and though we didn't have many people at the event it was still a damned cool evening. It was and is an incredible honour to have been invited to the First Annual Horror and Fantasy Festival, and my co-authors at the event, Joan De La Haye and Monique-Cherie Snyman, were awesome fun. :-)

From left to right, Monique, Joan, Mandi and Me. :-)
Embarrassingly enough, I was the one who suggested that everyone who attend dress up to fit in with the Halloween theme, but I couldn't, I just didn't have the time - I literally left work and climbed into the car. :-) But, as you can see, I was given a pumpkin-hat to wear for the duration of the evening. :-)

Mandi chaired the panel for us (that's Joan with the Elvira-hair, and that's Monique with in the Voodoo-Priestess garb), and kept us talking and discussing Horror and Fantasy, what scares us, what Horror as a genre should and can do, the differences between Horror and Fantasy, and much more. Here's a clip from the event, wherein I end up talking about urinating in ... well, you'll have to watch it. ;-)

We all really enjoyed the event and will definitely return next year - should we be re-invited! ;-) And this time, I'll definitely dress up! Promise!

My amazing and completely gorgeous girlfriend, Leana. :-)

You can check out Joan's and Monique's posts on the event, too - here's Joan's post, and here's Monique's post. :-) We even made a local newspaper!

Definitely a massively cool evening - when I let you all know about next year's event, come and join us! Not only will the company be epic and terrifying (hehehe!), but Mandi makes sure to make incredibly satisfying and mouthwatering food, too. :-) Check out the website for more info - Indulgence Cafe.

In other news, I've got something very cool and very different coming up it has to do with THIS, so make sure you 'Like' the Facebook Page (and my Page, while you're at it) to get all the pertinent updates as they happen. :-)

So, until next time,