Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Excerpts from my published stories: Twisted (A Fractured Fairy Tale)

Hey everyone, hope you're all well. :-)

I thought I'd give you all a taste of the stories that I've had published so far; my novel will be published in April (with another smaller surprise coming in March), and I think plenty of you haven't read anything that I've written - hopefully the excerpts will intrigue you enough to get you to purchase the collections my stories have appeared in. ;-) *hint, hint, Amazon-reviews, wink, wink*

Let's get right into it, shall we? Here's an excerpt from TWISTED, published in October, 2012:


Once upon a time, in a land where the twisted and the strange were commonplace, a little girl was walking down a forest-path as she sang a merry little tune in a high, pure voice.

She wore black buckle-shoes that were speckled with mud, along with spotless white stockings and a knee-length black skirt. The tails of her black cloak brushed against her calves as she walked and under the hood her face was milk-pale, though her eyes were a bright, vibrant blue.

The forest was silent as she made her way through it.

The trees stood dark, tall and twisted along the path, their bare branches arching overhead like the curled fingers of skeletal hands. Shadows surrounded her, twisting and curling and hissing as they twitched and rolled out of the girl’s path. Her singing trailed off at the sudden movements but then she gave a high lilting giggle, as if finding what the shadows were doing cute.

The air in the forest was dank and laced with the harsh, dark scents of rotting and dying things but the little girl paid those scents no mind.

Moments later, with the shadows swelling and twitching behind her in impotent anger, she emerged from the forest into a beautiful meadow. The sun blazed down and the meadow’s grass was a rich, vital green. Butterflies of all sizes and colours flitted, dived and climbed in the air and birds sang…

But only for a moment.

The meadow fell silent and the butterflies sank out of sight. Even the sunlight seemed to dim. The little girl’s face became a grimace and her nose wrinkled, as if at a bad smell, and she clicked her tongue in childish anger.

Then came the sound of snapping, crackling branches that drifted out of the forest, and she turned with a smile as three creatures shambled into the meadow.

“Piggies!” she cried out happily and began skipping over to them, her hood bobbing.

The piggies were great, bulky creatures covered in dirt and bits of bark and leaves, their flat-snouted faces stained with old blood, their little piggy eyes sparkling with maliciousness. They snorted and coughed at each other as they shook themselves, their hides rippling in waves as the layers of fat underneath swam sickly around. One of them eyed the little girl and spoke in a grating, dirty voice.

“Look, it’s the little hunter! Where’re our snacks, little one? You know we’re always hungry…” The other piggies laughed at that, harsh coughing sounds that made it sound as if they were in pain...


If you enjoyed this little taster, I hope you'll consider getting yourself a copy of eFantasy, Volume 1, No. 3, and read the rest of the tale. There're also other tales to enjoy, in case mine leaves you wanting a bit more. ;-) And please think of reviewing the collection on Amazon! :-)

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  1. I like it. Is there a physical copy of the collection available in SA?

  2. Unfortunately not. :-( eFantasy (and their parent, eFiction) don't do print copies. I've written two stories in this 'series' so far, and I have six planned, so one day they will all be collected in print... :-)