Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What I Did On My (Our) Vacation

Welcome to 2014, eh? :-) I really hope the year's been good to you so far - I'm having one of those idiots-all-around-me days (at work), but thankfully my meds help me not to lose it! ;-)

I know I've been quiet for a while - with good reason.

I took a well-deserved vacation with my girlfriend, Leana - flew down to Mossel Bay (South Africa) on the 25th of December to join her and her mom for Christmas. And I told myself that I wouldn't focus on writing; you see, the last time I was in Mossel Bay with Leana I was so focused on writing Betrayal's Shadow that I wasn't *present*. Sure, I remember where we went, what we did, and I enjoyed it, but my focus was on the novel, so I didn't enjoy the holiday with her as much as I could have, and I definitely didn't relax. This time round, it was sublime - I packed in an examination pad, took books with to read, bought more, got a sun tan, saw the sights, and generally had an awesome break. :-) I did write 40 or so words, so I cheated a bit, and I had some great ideas, but other than that, it was the break I needed.

Leana and I also drove to Cape Town, and we were there for three nights - I met up with an old friend (haven't seen her in 6 years!), met Cat Hellisen, Nerine Dorman, and finally met my publisher, Marius Du Plessis, and his husband, Adolph de Beer.

Cat and her family are really cool - I vaguely remember her husband, Bryan, though his hair has grown longer, and they've got two beautiful little girls (plus two cute cats and two adorable dogs). Cat cooked an awesome dinner for us, inviting us over on really short notice I must add, and we chatted about writing, the area they live in, the Cape, and plenty more. It was seriously cool of Cat to allow two 'strangers' into her house, a favour we'll definitely repay should they come up to our province for a visit. :-)

We had coffee with Nerine in a nice place in St George's Mall in Cape Town - was awesome to finally meet her, too, and chat about writing and our various projects. Nerine looks intimidating but that's far from the case - she's warm and welcoming, just don't tell her I said so! ;-)

Meeting the man behind Fox and Raven Publishing was awesome - we met him and Adolph for breakfast before we drove back to Mossel Bay. We chatted at length about the book and plans for the book - I'll be getting a portfolio of artwork from various illustrators soon, from which I'll choose the person who'll do the cover design for Betrayal's Shadow. And the final edits will be received and done soon, too, which I'm really looking forward to. We also discussed the novelette I wrote, A SONG OF SACRIFICE, and some aspects of book 2 - and Marius will be going to the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs, which leaves me incredibly nervous and damned excited! ;-) All in all, the breakfast cemented the fact that  made a damned good decision to accept the deal with Fox and Raven Publishing, and I'm so damned excited for this year and everything it will bring that I can hardly contain it all!

Other than all the writing- and book-talk, we checked out Cape Town - what an incredible place! The sights, the vistas, the mountain... It's definitely a place I'd like to relocate to sometime, a move we'll be looking at doing once Leana has attained her degree in Education. :-)

So, coming up this year, so far:

A Song of Sacrifice - Novelette - March 2014
Betrayal's Shadow - Novel - April 2014

The Bell - short story (Forest of Dreams Anthology) - TBA

I'm hoping to add book 2 to this 'list', but we'll have to see how things pan out. :-) Also, I'm going to really try to post more often, and post stuff that's actually interesting. This whole self-marketing business is actually quite intimidating! ;-) I'm well into book 2 (well, almost-4K) and I've had ideas for plenty more short stories, so I'll definitely be writing plenty this year - updates as often as possible. :-)

Until next time (soon),

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