Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cover Reveal: Betrayal's Shadow - Book One of the Mahaelian Chronicle

Isn't this glorious? :-) And so is the quote from an author I admire greatly; his debut, 'MALICE', absolutely rocked, and I'm so honoured by his words!

Thank you, John!

Click on the image to embiggen!

Commissioned by Fox and Raven Publishing and created by the awesome talented Rashieq Sasman (a local man, from Cape Town!), this cover blew me away. I absolutely LOVE it!

Another massive shout-out to Hannes Strydom, who designed the layout and details of the cover - you rock, Sir! :-)

Keep an eye on this blog, my Facebook Page, and Fox and Raven's Website for details regarding the launch!

If you're in South Africa, you've now got the opportunity to pre-order the novel for a low, LOW price, and as an added bonus you'll receive a FREE copy of the 'A Song of Sacrifice' eBook! :-) Check out this post for details!


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