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"Meet My Main Character" Blog Tour

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Monique Snyman, fellow South African author (her work includes Charming Incantations: Enticed, Charming Incantations: Sanguine, and much more) tagged me for this post. :-)

Since I've got more than one 'main' character in Betrayal's Shadow I'll focus this post on the prequel for The Mahaelian Chronicle, which has one primary protagonist and one primary antagonist. :-) The focus of this post is a character named Ordaefus.

1. Tell us a little about this main character. Is she fictional or a historic person?

Ordaefus is a fictional character and an Elvayn – Elvayn are non-humans capable of what humans would call sorcery or magic, and Ordaefus is well-respected among his people. He's a thoughtful man, dedicated completely to his people and their ideals … which is one of the reasons for the conflict he finds himself at the centre of in A Song of Sacrifice.

2. When and where is the story set?

The tale takes place on the central continent of the Elvayn world - the Elvayn live in beautiful, sprawling cities and have reached a pinnacle, in terms of their civilization and society, but the status quo is being strained by an approaching conflict.

3. What should we know about him?

Ordaefus only wants what's best for his people, and that means accepting change - he is not a violent man (none of the Elvayn are, in fact), but change affects everything...

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Elvayn are capable of manipulating or changing the energy-memory of anything around them - basically, they have the power to change a thing's molecular structure, making it into something else. For thousands of years the Elvayn have practiced Wielding - changing, for example, a rock into a chair; but it's when Ordaefus discovers Singing -changing that chair back into a rock once, say, the chair is no longer useful or needed- that his brother, Mahaelal, protests. Mahaelal sees Singing as heretical and does not want to accept the changes that Singing will bring into Elvayn society, and he decides to stand against his brother, intending to keep his people safe and un-changed.

5. What is his personal goal?

Ordaefus' goal is to help his people understand that Singing can lead to great and positive change, and when the conflict erupts, pitting him against his brother and the Elvayn that agree with his brother, Ordaefus' goal becomes helping his people to remain free.
6. What are the titles of your novels, and where can we read more about them?

'A Song of Sacrifice' is the prequel, set thousands of years before the first novel in my trilogy, Betrayal's Shadow. It is published by Fox & Raven Publishing and can also be ordered online via Amazon or Exclusive Books. I'm hard at work on the second book (title yet to be revealed).

7. When can we expect your next book to be published?

I''ll be completing and handing in Book 2 by November this year, and that will hopefully lead to a pub-date of around March / April in 2015. :-)
OK, Tag time!

Monique has already tagged excellent South African storytellers (check out her post here), so here are my picks - definitely worth a look! :-)
Devlin Chase,
Angela Meadon,
Sergio Pereira,
Suzanne Van Rooyen,
Cat Hellisen

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