Thursday, October 16, 2014

Panels, Interviews and Reviews - Two Massive Months!

Hey everyone. :-)

Man, have I been busy! Book 2 is coming along nicely (and epically, if I may say so), and I've been lucky enough to have been to three great events.

You may have seen coverage of these events over the past two months, but here's a quick summary before I let you watch the videos that my girlfriend recorded at each event:

The first, and biggest event of my writing career (so far) was the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Rocks! event which took place on the 18th of September at the Fugard Threatre in Cape Town - I was on a panel with legendary Epic Fantasy author Raymond E. Feist as well as Urban Fantasy author and Comic-writer Mike Carey (also appearing as M. R. Carey).

The panel was awesomely moderated by my publisher, Marius Du Plessis, and although we didn't fill the theatre, everyone who was there agreed that the panel was epic. Check out this write-up of the event from Liesl Jobson on BooksLive, and then check out the videos. :-)

The next event took place almost a week later at Indulgence Cafe in Northcliff, Johannesburg, and this time it was me and Raymond infront of over a hundred fans, chatting about his work and the business of writing. :-) Awesome event, which I'm sure Raymond enjoyed, too - and I was able to finally give him a copy of Betrayal's Shadow, too. :-) Check out the write-up of the event here, on the blog run and maintained by Mandi Friedman, owner of the wonderful venue.

The next event, which took place on the same day, *almost* filled up the brand new and stunning Rosebank branch of Exclusive Books - massive thanks to Helen Suzor for allowing us to use her store for the event and Talita Van Graan for all the arrangements. :-) Check out the photos here.

I've got two events coming up towards the end of October in Cape Town -HorrorFest and a signing at the Labia Theatre- so keep your eyes peeled for the details. :-)

I've also enjoyed epic press lately - Nerine Dorman interviewed me a while back and the interview was printed in the Pretoria News newspaper; check out the photo below and then head over to Nerine's blog to read what was printed.

I was also interviewed by Wesley Anderson (the first person to read both Betrayal's Shadow and A Song of Sacrifce) for BooksLive, and that interview is online: Here's the link!

And there have been three new reviews of Betrayal's Shadow - one from Johnnie Aucamp: "...good writing style, good characters and a plot that does not let go of all its secrets at once (or even as the book finishes) and you have a good, solid piece of genre fiction that ends on a very sinister note." (read the rest of the review here);

one from Jon over at Bookworms Bookclub: "Without giving too much away, if you'd told me this book had psychic soldiers, weretigers, zombies, a badass mage and interplanetary elves I would have called BS and ignored you." Check out the rest of the review here;

And finally, one of the most mind-blowing reviews I've ever read, from Andy: "As a first novel, this is probably the best I have read since Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series." Check out the rest of this incredible review here.

Oh, and there are massively cool and epic things afoot - if everything works out well, I might be posting HUGE news in the next month or so. ;-)

Until the next post,
Hope you're reading and enjoying my book! :-)