Saturday, March 28, 2015

SAIR Book Festival

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to report in quickly about this great new Book / Publishing festival which I attended today - The South African Indies Rocks Book Festival. :-)

Fellow South African author Carlyle Labuschagne put together this new Festival as a means of promoting South African authors, and though the event was small, small things have a way of becoming large as they gain more momentum - which I'm sure we'll all witness year after year. :-)

I had the great fortune of meeting passionate new people at the Festival: among then Rachel Morgan, Jo Watson, Paula Gruben (whom I didn't get to chat with since she was making notes), and Louise Cosgrave and Leani le Roux (Wordsmack Publishing).

I'm singling him out, because he was the only new MAN I met (hehehehe, remember yogurt and aromat!), but I finally met Joe Mynhardt, too - Joe's the driving force behind Crystal Lake Publishing, and it was awesome to chat and knock a couple of beers (and brandies) back with him. :-)

I was also on a great panel with Rachel, Monique Snyman and Joan De La Haye, in which we discussed Publishing and Bookselling, and I was also honoured to accept a award on behalf on my publishers, Fox and Raven Publishing. :-)

Check out some of the photos of the event:

And a book / publishing event wouldn't be complete without a book haul, now would it? :-)

I really enjoyed this event - it's wonderful to see how much passion and excitement there is for South African-written Fiction, and I'm sure this event will go from strength to strength! :-)


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