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I thought I should create a new page on the blog focusing on what various kickass people have to say about my stories. :-)

This page will get updated as reviews come in. :-)

Twisted - published in eFantasy's October Issue, the Dark Fantasy Special:

J. Robert King had this to say about Twisted:

"Great story! Terrific writing! I love the twisting of fairy tale tropes, the connections between these various stories, and this revenge plot emerging at the end. Well done, Dave!"

Devlin Chase had this to say about Twisted:

"Nice one, Dave. Very atmospheric. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

Angel Song - available from the 1st of December in AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers, edited by Ivor W Hartmann:

Bryce Lee, an excellent and well-read blogger and reviewer over at Only the Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy, had this to say about my story in AfroSF, 'Angel Song':

Angel Song is a great burst of military action with a very interesting idea, the angels as beings of light who have begun attacking humanity's distant settlements. Some believe they are actually angels sent from God, hence the name, but not all, especially with the death and destruction they cause. Well done. (4/5)
Check out his partial review of AfroSF here.

Nerine Dorman, fellow South African writer and editor, reviewed AfroSF and had this to say about Angel Song:

Warfare is never pretty, and it’s perhaps even more horrific when the opponent is inexplicable. Dave de Burgh’s Angel Song drops readers directly in the thick of conflict and offers a hopeless struggle. The tension in this tale is unrelenting, crisp and well executed. Check out the rest of her excellent review here.

Eduard Popa: "A promising start to what seems to be an interesting series." and "It's worth keeping an eye on Mr. de Burgh. You won't regret it!" (from the review)

Rocky Dutton: "Another product of the epic fantasy genre, de Burgh paints a colourful and vibrant landscape easily favoured by fans of Tolkien or Tad Williams." Check out the rest of the review here.

Wesley Anderson:  "If you enjoy epic fantasy, this is for you! Very intriguing stuff, and some promising talent from South Africa."

Nerine Dorman: "Though there is a fair amount of exposition to get through, A Song of Sacrifice is nonetheless a story with a premise that is rather different from much of the fantasy fare I've encountered of late, that blends in a whiff of a SF element. I'll be watching De Burgh's career with great interest." Check out the rest of the review here.

John Gwynne (author of Malice and Valour): "Reminiscent of the Malazan world in terms of its depth and complexity."

Wesley Anderson: "There are certainly no holds barred in the world of Avidar, the lens of the storyteller gets up close and personal with every possible scene, and it's simply fantastic." Check out the rest of his review here.

Monique Snyman: "As far as debut novels are concerned, Betrayal’s Shadow shows only the tip of De Burgh’s hidden talent. I’d like to see where he goes from here …" Check out the rest of her review here.

Lood Du Plessis, editor of the Exclusive Books Cover to Cover eZine: "Dave draws inspiration from a multitude of well-known tropes, many of them rarely seen together – and some even less rarely seen in traditional fantasy. None of these tropes, however, seem forced; allowing the story to blend easily into the world he created." Check out the rest of his review in the June edition of Cover to Cover.

David Butler, author of City of the Saints, Crecheling, Hellhound on my Trail and more, had this to say:  "If you liked The Malazan Book of the Fallen, check this one out." Check out the full review on his blog.

Melissa Delport, author of The Legacy, The Legion and the forthcoming The Legend, had this to say:  "The final chapters unfolded in a magnificent culmination of nail-biting tension, and riveting action. Mr de Burgh possesses a raw, rare talent." Check out the rest of her review on Amazon.

Nerine Dorman, author of The Guardian's Wyrd, Dawn's Bright Talons and more, had this to say: "...this is still a worthy read, which should appeal to those who enjoy epic fantasy with a high body count, mounting tension and a fascinating setting." Check out her full review here.

Zachary Jernigan, author of No Return, A Shower of Stones, and The Bottom of the Sea, had this to say: "Wow. This is absolutely wonderful epic fantasy that speaks to both the "traditional" and the innovative within the subgenre, coming across as a mix between Stephen R. Donaldson (the good parts, anyway) and David Anthony Durham, with a dash of true new-weirdness thrown in." Check out the rest of the review here.

Andrew Angel, blogger and reader, had this to say: As a first novel, this is probably the best I have read since Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series. Big boots to fill but this author, in my eyes will do it. Check out Andrew's full review here.

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