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Short Stories:

Humanity is fighting a galaxy-wide war against immensely powerful beings, whom many consider to be Angels, sent by God to wipe out humanity and usher in the End of Days. One man comes closer than anyone else to piercing the mystery of these 'angels', but will he survive his battlefield encounter with the 'angels'?


The world is dangerously over-populated, and governments have instituted a desperate yet successful plan to deal with it.

A little girl is skipping through the forest, headed towards the dreaded Grandmother - she will draw other to her in an effort to right a terrible wrong, and embark upon a quest that will reshape her strange world.

Having dealt with one threat, the savage Little Girl and her companions now set their sights on their next target - but to succeed they will have to enlist the help of a brother and sister who suffered terribly after climbing a hill for a pail of water...

The exploits of two unremarkable and oft-overlooked soldiers - when their leader invades and conquers a despotic sorcerer's lands, they decide to take charge.


                                               A Song of Sacrifice

A world torn asunder by the conflicting ideals of two brothers.
The hope of new life.

The magnificent Elvayn civilization has attained its power through the act of Wielding – the manipulation of the energy-memory of any object. But when Ordaefus, the Song-Priest and leader of the greatest Elvayn city, discovers the art of Singing, the very foundations of Elvayn society are shattered.

In a conflict spanning the entire continent, Ordaefus and those loyal to his cause face off against his brother, Mahaelal, paragon of the old ways of the Elvayn race. Can Mahaelal's crusade be stopped? What will be left of the once-glorious Elvayn when the smoke settles? Or is there still hope lingering in the energy-memory of the Soul Tree which set in motion the chaos of this world?


'A Song of Sacrifice' introduces some of the key events that shaped the history of 'Betrayal's Shadow', the epic fantasy novel by South African author Dave-Brendon de Burgh. It serves as a perfect insight into the rich history of the Elvayn, and how they came to play a paramount role in the progression of another world.


Betrayal casts long shadows – none know this better than Brice Serholm. As a decorated general in the kingdom’s elite Blade Knights, Brice had to overcome the stain of treason and betrayal to attain his rank.

When Brice and a force of knights are sent on a mission to investigate claims of rebellion in one of Avidar’s provinces. Their ships are magically attacked, and the resulting investigation tests every oath Brice swore before his king.

Meanwhile, an inhuman infant escapes the capital’s slave hold. The King’s mistress comes into possession of a unique dagger and Del’Ahrid, the king’s most trusted first adviser, begins to question everything he built his honor and life upon.

Events are in motion that will test every man, woman and child – and a conflict is coming that will shake the kingdom to its very foundations.

So begins the Mahaelian chronicle…

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