South African Writers and Publishers of Speculative Fiction

If the big (or should that be *traditional*) publishers in South Africa are to be believed, there aren't any South African Speculative Fiction writers. Or, rather, there is one - Lauren Beukes. And while Lauren is an amazing ambassador and an incredible writer (and storyteller), it's easy to focus just on her and her work without seeing who else is making waves in the world of Genre writing and publishing. :-)

With this page I'll make sure you know who is writing -and publishing- Speculative Fiction in South Africa. By SpecFic I mean Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, Historical Fantasy, etc. etc. etc. In short, anything that is supremely cool and imaginative. ;-)

So, in no particular order:


Sarah Lotz,

Louise Greenberg

S.L. Grey

Joan De La Haye

Monique-Cherie Snyman

Devlin Chase

Charlie Human

Angela Meadon

Sergio Pereira

Greg Hamerton

Lauren Beukes

Suzanne Van Rooyen

Carlyle Labuschagne

Martin John Stokes

Mia Arderne

Yelena Calavera

Kristen A Everett

Nerine Dorman

Cat Hellisen

Mandisi Nkomo

Cristy Zinn

Ashley Jacobs

S.A. Partridge

Liam Kruger

Abi Godsell

Mico Pisanti

Charles Cilliers

Craig Smith

Christine Porter

(I'm pretty sure I've forgotten some people - please let me know and I'll add then to this list!)


Fox and Raven Publishing

Wordsmack Publishing

Something Wicked

StoryTime Publishing

Crystal Lake Publishing

This list will grow with time, of course. :-) And please, if I've missed some writers or publishers, please drop me a line at davebrendon at yahoo dot com.

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